Victoria County approve grant submission for EOC hardening project

The Victoria Commissioners Court have approved the submission of a Hazard Mitigation grant proposal to improve the integrity of the Emergency Operations Center.

The court and EOC officials will apply for an estimated two hundred and twenty five thousand dollar grant which will be used to harden portions of the building more prone to water infiltration. Coordinator Rick McBrayer says, if approved, the grant will add another layer of protection in the event of a disaster.

“This is gonna add another redundancy to it. If we can prevent that water from ever entering that storm water management system of the building, the better off we are. And, so, that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna go ahead and just enclose that whole area and make it a little safer environment for where the water won’t penetrate into the building.”

The county will submit the application by the end of the month and should expect a response from the state by early 20-19.