Victoria community remembers fallen soldiers this Memorial Day

As the nation commemorates fallen soldiers the Victoria County Veteran’s Council along with community members held their annual memorial day ​​​​​​program.

Monday community members gathered downtown at De Leon Plaza to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

“Today we are paying tribute to our brothers and sisters that gave their lives for our freedom today and for our country to be able to be free,” Ernest Montez, Organizer.

Air Force veteran Richard Arellano believes it is important to honor all those veterans who died serving our nation.

“We are honoring the deceased veterans, it’s not about us veterans who are here now, we get our due on Veterans Day which is really great, but today it’s about all those who’ve gone before that have passed away. The real heroes in my opinion,” Richard Arellano, Air Force Veteran, explains.

During the ceremony, they read names of those veterans who died in the line of duty. Once the names were read, veterans rang a bell to remember those lives gone too soon.

“These folks that have sacrificed so much, have done it willingly for them, so they can enjoy the freedoms of being an Americans living in the greatest country in the world,” tells Arellano.

Organizers and veterans wanted everyone in attendance to reflect on those who sacrificed so much for us as Americans and Victorians.

“People who come here to take a moment to have gratitude and appreciate what we have as a nation. We are always working toward that more perfect union but at the same time we are the most blessed people in the world to be born in this country and to inherit the freedoms that we share, tells Rep. Michael Cloud.

“Its just us honoring the deceased warriors and learning their stories, that’s what Memorial Day is all about. Today don’t thank me for my service, you can tell me that tomorrow. Today reserve your thanks for the true heroes, our fellow veterans who have given their all,” declares Arellano.

Everyone in attendance wanted those fallen Veterans to know you’re gone but not forgotten.