Victoria Commissioners approve first phase to upgrade cyber security in county business

Victoria County Commissioners are starting off the year with plans for "Innovation 2020 and Beyond" initiative

VICTORIA, Texas- Victoria County Commissioners are starting off the year busy as they roll out plans for their “Innovation 2020 and Beyond” initiative. The first phase consists of a new policy to review cyber security for county computers and employees. The policy, now approved, will increase training to prevent cyber attacks. 

County Judge Ben Zeller initially presented this initiative in December of 2019. This is part of the multiple stages that will be introduced throughout the new year.

County Judge Ben Zeller says, “really it sets in place a list of best practices and protocols to do everything we can to prevent a cyber or IT attack. Certainly, you can never be 100% safe from something like that but now in Victoria county we’re taking every step that we can to avoid that threat and to be prepared to recover from it, should something like that ever happen.”

Cyber security has become a top priority for both local and state level leaders as threats become more prevalent.