Victoria College volleyball gears up for first ever NJCAA season

The Victoria College Volleyball team made history! After playing club volleyball for years, they are gearing up for their first ever season in the NJCAA conference.

Players are excited to get the season started.

Victoria College’s NJCAA campaign started off with an inter-squad scrimmage Wednesday.

Head coach Joshua Moore says this scrimmage is to get a lot of game film to breakdown the team to see where improvements need to be made.

“This is so we can start dissecting the film and see where our weak links are. We’ve got basically a week and a day before our first game against Wharton County here at Victoria college. We want as much real game play as we can so that we are ready for next Thursday,” tells Head Coach Joshua Moore.

This pirate team will look different because they only have 2 returning players along with 10 new freshman, Coach Moore says he’s getting new players up to speed.

“We are showing them how we do things here at Victoria College, and they are the only ones with experience, so we are letting the freshman lean on them when they need help,” tells Coach Moore.

Returning player Gabrielle Weido adds she is ready to guide the younger players through their first college season.
“These girls are looking up to us, and they are looking at us for guidance and leadership skills. We are just going to be there and help guide them through this first college year,” smiles Gabrielle Weido, Upperclassman

Freshman Pilar Garcia believes it’s important to have the veteran leadership on the team.
“Coming in new is always a good thing because you have the returners to look up to, and they are really helpful in guiding us and getting us comfortable. We connected pretty early on, so I think that’s good, we still have a lot of work to do, and we are working at it,” exclaims Pliar Garcia, Freshman.

After speaking about leadership, I wondered what the Pirate’s goals for the year are.
“I hope we get a couple of wins underneath our belt and I just hope we all play and have fun. I don’t want it to be so stressful that the girls aren’t having fun,” tells Weido.

“The goals of course is to play as a team and also go into post season,” adds Garica.

“Our first goal is to go into the playoffs. We think with this team, this group of girls we have a great shot at making the playoffs in year one. So, we are working every day to get those conference wins and make sure we make playoffs and make a statement,” declares Coach Moore.

A few players say they are ready to hit the court and get this season started.
” I’m extremely excited, a whole new team and a whole new dynamic. I just can’t wait to start and play with all of them,” Weido says passionately.

I’m excited, it’s our first year of college so of course we want it to be fun. Everyone on the team clicks so that’s always a good thing,” tells Garcia.

Victoria college volleyball’s first-ever NJCAA game will be at the VC Sportscenter on August 22nd at 6 p.m. against Wharton County Junior College.