Victoria College student uses illness to better herself

VICTORIA, Texas – Jocelynn Seals was a normal high school student at Cuero high school. That is, until her world got turned upside down when she was a sophomore. She had to hear the words no one should ever have to hear: you have cancer.

“It started in the 8th grade, that’s when the tumor developed, but no one knew about it until I was a sophomore in high school. It wasn’t hurting me or causing problems so I just left it alone. I told my mom, we went to the doctor, and I was in surgery the next day, and yeah it kinda snowballed from there,” Seals says.

Now at age 20, she is at Victoria College, studying to be a Physical Therapy Assistant. She just won the Victoria College Foundation’s “What’s Your Story?” essay contest. She wrote an essay about her illness and how that, coupled with strength she attributes to her mom, helped her become the determined student she is today. She did not receive any physical therapy during her chemotherapy, which attributed to muscle atrophy and weight loss, and wants to help cancer patients.

“I didn’t receive any physical therapy and I really wish I would have because everything went down hill with my body mass and all that. So I wish people would understand that it may not look like much but we are doing a lot to keep you feeling good. I’m still trying to recover 4 years later from the effects it has had on me physically. I feel like if I had therapy it would have made things a lot easier,” Seals states.