Victoria College Proposed Tax Rate: How it may affect you

Students begin to fill the walkways as classes are back in full swing. This time of year is also busy for school board trustees of Victoria College as they propose their annual tax rate

“This year the proposed rate is .2206, which is .2206 cents on one hundred dollars of value.” clarifies Dr. David Hinds, President of Victoria College.

After homeowners saw a widespread increase on property value throughout the city, some grew concerned about what this could mean for their pockets.

If your property value stayed the same, you may see no increase or even a drop in taxes for Victoria College.

However, if your property value increased by the average of 6.3%– your total tax increase could land in between $15 to $18.

“Our board and our administration, including myself, understands [no one] wants their taxes to go up, but we also realize that community colleges are a great value, so we are very careful on how we use those dollars because we know how precious they are.” adds Dr. Hinds.

Two more public hearings will be held for discussion on August 26th and September 3rd before a final decision.

“We have the new semester underway ,we’ve got almost 4,000 students on campus this Fall, and continue to provide the services that are returned investment in our community” says Dr. Hinds.

Now there is still some time for that final decision on that proposal and that will take place next month, but VC recommends for any concerned taxpayers to attend the public hearings.

Meetings info:


August 26th

September 3rd


Victoria College

2200 East Red River

Academic Building- RM 101


4:00 PM