Victoria College opens its offices for summer classes

VC opens offices with preventive measures

VICTORIA, Texas–With the COVID-19 pandemic still a concern for people, businesses and schools are reopening, but they’re taking preventive measures to ensure the safety of their staff, students and the community.

Everyone entering any building at Victoria College will undergo a health screening, like having their temperature taken. Those passing the health screening are required to wear a date-specific sticker. Victoria college is recommending facial coverings and social distancing. The buildings that are open have a single entrance. Victoria College, along with VC president David Hinds, encourages current and future students to use the colleges virtual services.

“Ninety plus percent of what students need to do they could still do online, we’re still doing our online advising. Most of the classes for Summer 1 are online. There are just those cases where classes can’t function online, we have them face-to-face with groups smaller than 10,” said Hinds.

Right now Victoria College is following the governor’s orders, the CDC and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s guidance and guidelines.

Registration for summer and fall classes is underway. Virtual appointments with advisors can be made.

Click here for more. You can also call 361-573-3291.