Victoria College named Mother-Friendly Work site

“Family friendly, worker friendly,business friendly and that really says it all,” Texas AHEC East Program Coordinator, Paula Crawford said.

Texas Area Health Education Center coordinator Paula Crawford says mother-friendly work sites benefit more than just mothers. Victoria College has recently been designated a mother-friendly work site by the Texas State Department of Health Services.

“So many times in the past the mothers would have to go to a stall in a restroom. So now this is a private building, a private room, locked, hygienic, refrigeration, place to wash their hands. So there’s a lot of privacy involved so a person can feel comfortable and not just feel they have to go into a closet,” Crawford said.

There are currently more than 2,000 mother-friendly work sites in Texas and including seven sites in Victoria.

“We’re coming a long way getting employers in on the idea, Crawford said.