Victoria College is offering Introductory Craft Skill classes

VICTORIA, Texas—This summer Victoria College is offering introductory craft skills courses.

The introductory craft skills classes are mandatory for those students looking to go into the construction industry.

“It is a 40-hour program that covers general motion, extra safety basic hand power tool use, and good communication skills,” said Dwayne Maly, Director Industrial Programs.

The introductory craft skills course is a way for students to get all the necessary education required by the National Center for Construction and Research.

“So it’s an introductory course that basically sets the stage up, getting a feel of what the industry life would be like, and determining what career path that you want to move into after you complete that course,” said Maly.

Following the successful completion of the classes, a certification and certificate of completion will be awarded to each student.

“The bonus is that companies are looking for individuals in all those courses that we offer wanting to hire those students. So getting those first steps is the best way to do that and it’s a very economical course to take. The course only costs $285, so it’s a very reasonable course to get into. There’s scholarships and financial aid available as well for individuals, so it doesn’t have to come directly out of their pockets,” said Maly.

The courses will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on July 7th through August 6th.