Victoria College Implements Prior Learning Assesment

Victoria College is moving forward awarding college credit for prior learning in the near future.
The prior learning assessment program gives students college credits for work experience, military service, and even on the job training.
Victoria College Vice President of Instruction, Marjorie Seeger, employees will begin training in February and will start assessing prior training of military.

Veterans as well as employees from local corporations by this Fall. The goal, she says, is to make this option available to Victoria College students by Spring 2018.
According to Seeger, being able to receive college credit for what you’ve already learned can be a huge help for older adults going back to school.

“This will allow us to expand our toolbox so to speak, and reach out to military veterans and people who have worked in different corporations, and bring that training onto their college transcript,” says Marjorie Price Seeger.

The local Johnson Foundation granted more than $30,000 to help launch Victoria College’s prior learning assessment pilot program.