Victoria College holds public special meeting to discuss student success

The Victoria College Board of Trustees held a special public meeting today to discuss the college’s current successes and plans for the future.

Among the many topics discussed today were the retention rates for the university, ADN scores, which currently sit at 92%, and the plans in place to maintain student success throughout the coming years.
While the university is in a good standing, with retention rates high and student success indicators moving up, President David Hinds believes there are still many challenges ahead, including public perception on student debt.

“I think one of our biggest challenges is the public perception of higher education. The concern over student debt, we have to do a better job of communicating to the public that we are not a typical university in that we are much much more affordable then people typically understand.” explained Hinds.

The college has posted positive numbers in four out of five metrics used to determine student success, done through a student survey. Officials state that these metrics, as well as high retention rates, up about four percent from the previous year, are the highest in years, primarily due to the many changes in academics implemented throughout the years.