Victoria College celebrates First Generation students

Victoria College hosted a discussion panel for first-generation college students.

Nationally, colleges and universities recognize this week to focus on students who are first in their families to attend college.

VC brought first generation graduates who are now leaders in the Victoria community. They offered academic advice and words of encouragement.

“A lot of first generation students feel like there may be some obstacles in their path, or they don’t have anyone to ask, or maybe feel like they’re the only one going through this and have that question and are embarrassed to ask. So, when we have these types of events, students realize they’re not the only ones” says organizer and director of the KEY Center of VC, Pam Newman.

Victoria College has a great percentage of first-generation students. The KEY Center at VC aids about 160 students, where 90% are first generation students. Resources for those students are made available throughout the academic year.