Victoria City Council considers community’s concerns on new animal ordinance

Residents can voice their concerns at the next City Council meeting

VICTORIA, Texas – On Tuesday, Aug. 17, City Attorney Thomas Gwosdz presented a broad rewrite to Chapter 4 Animal and Fowl ordinance to the Victoria City Council. The ordinance proposes that the Victoria County Animal Control be allowed to make all enforcement decisions and animal regulations for the city. It also proposes they be allowed to limit households to having a set number of dogs and cats.

“The ordinance proposes limiting the total number of dogs or cats to four dogs or four cats or a total of six dogs and cats,” Attorney Gwosdz said.

As a result of the proposal, community members expressed some concerns about this ordinance on social media. Many commented on the limited number of pets per household, the fee for surrendering animals and another separate fee to euthanize pets at the Animal Control Department.

New animal ordinance – The social media post stated:

“Victoria is trying to pass a new order, it only has 2 more sessions to go before they approve unless we voice our concerns!”

The ordinance also addresses how the community will be able to report dangerous dogs and stray animal procedures.

“Strays are definitely a part of what is addressed in the animal control ordinance, but we already had laws on the books related to stray dogs. Dogs at large. Leash laws and other requirements to address stray animals. Most of that is not changing,” Attorney Gwosdz explained.

According to Attorney Gwosdz, the ordinance is still a proposal and not final yet. He also admitted the council will be taking the community’s concerns into consideration, aiming to improve the final rewrite of the Chapter 4 Animal and Fowl ordinance.

“I’m very glad the community is so engaged on this topic because it’s our goal to make sure that this ordinance will reflect what the city, what the community wants to see,” he clarified.

You can voice any concerns during the next City Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 31.

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