Victoria Catholic Diocese release names of clergy credibly accused of sexually abusing minors

The Catholic Church under scrutiny for several years as new cases develop accusing clergymen of sexual abuse towards minors. Now, all the Catholic Dioceses across the state agreed to release names of any credibly accused. Newscenter 25’s Griselda Perez has followed this story with our local Victoria Catholic Dioceses and has our story..

The Catholic church in an attempt to become more transparent, released names of clergymen once apart of the church, who are now accused of sexual abuse. Devoted Catholics shaken by this, spoke to me about what this means to them.

Calm singing voices is a common sound for anyone attending early Sunday mass. The sun gleaming through the stained glass images depicting a religious tale. But those very walls, have many secrets that have haunted the Catholic church for decades.

“It shook me, these are men that are supposedly of God, who are supposed to be molding these young people, and they’re in there molesting them, I just couldn’t equate that,” says Rick Streeter, a devoted life long Catholic.

The Catholic church, his faith’s home, is now releasing names of clergymen who have abused of minors.

“…this one it just, it did rock my faith, as hard as it was, I knew it was there, I’ve heard rumors before..” he adds.

On the last day to announce, Victoria Catholic Diocese made this information public- the list, including 3 former priests.

“They’re names, they are real people, so there’s been 181 priest that have served in the diocese of victoria, and there are 3 that were determined to be credible allegations.” says Bishop Cahill.

David Colella, ordained in 1957 serving at our Lady of Sorrows from 1981-1990- currently retired from ministry, lives in Baltimore, MD. He resides with a religious community, called the Trinitarians. According to their website their mission is to “uphold the freedom of all people, especially the broken who are marked by the hardships of the human condition..”

Alfred Prado, also ordained in 1957- removed from public ministry in 1997 and in 2006 officially dismissed from his clerical state. He served in Our Lady of the Gulf in Port Lavaca. He now runs a cult like community in Costa Rica, one that according to inside “”, is considered violent and Catholics are warned to stay away from it and Prado.

The last is Guido Miguel Quiroz Reyes— incardinated into the Victoria Diocese in 1986 practicing at Our Lady of Sorrow Church from 1982 until 1988. Now deceased, but with a long list of accusations not yet confirmed by Newscenter 25.

“You can imagine the pain that a person goes through, from having gone to a catholic church, we totally trusted the priest, and to break that trust- how damaging it can be.” says Bishop Cahill.

Bishop Cahill explains the Victoria Diocese is fairly young, established in 1982. However, Victoria was a part of larger dioceses like San Antonio and Houston at some point, and those lists do contain other names.

“It was a sense of hope of acknowledging the past, unmasking abusers with credible accusations, and encouraging accountability,” adds Cahill.

Details of the victims are not yet released, but for the 8.5 million catholics in Texas alone, the evolving transparency of the church is needed–for the victims.

“You’re not alone, there’s others who have suffered, whose voices have been heard ands that to me, and the response of the church is, your voices have been heard” states Bishop Cahill.

There are people in place to respond to anyone who feels there is a name missing from the list or if you are a victim. Bishop Cahill encourages to contact Vicki Pyatt with Pastoral Care at Victoria Diocese at 361-827-7186

Or the Texas Abuse Hotline at 1-800-252-5400

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