Victoria-based ‘Humility Project’ helping community members avoid homelessness

Founded by Kim Pickens, the organization seeks to provide help and assistance with helping community members avoid homelessness

VICTORIA, Texas – November is homelessness and hunger awareness month and one local organization is doing everything they can to help community members avoid homelessness. Kim Pickens is the founder of the Humility Project with its mission statement being to treat those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with dignity and respect and advocate for understanding, awareness, and action to make real change. Pickens says that many people are just one unfortunate event away from slipping into homelessness.

“If you don’t have a safety net, people don’t realize how quickly you can become homeless. A flood, fire, hurricane, I mean all those things can happen,” says Pickens.

Currently, the Humility Project is assisting a Port Lavaca family to avoid homelessness by paying for their hotel room.  At $65 a night, they’re only paid up until next week, leaving the children wondering where they might stay after that. Pickens is also helping an elderly woman whose been sleeping in her car for weeks now due to homelessness. She’s also on insulin and without a refrigerator to keep her medicine cool she could be in a dangerous situation.

“It is dangerous for her to be out there like that, she can’t lay down, she can’t take a shower, different things like that we’re trying to make sure she’s okay,” says Pickens.

Pickens says that they’ve been able to secure an apartment for her but it won’t be open until November 19, so until then she will have to continue to sleep in her car. Pickens says that for those who might be facing homelessness or are just in need of assistance but don’t know where to start, the humility project is a great starting point as they can point you in the right direction for help. You can visit their Facebook page here. You can also contact them by calling (361) 433-5388.