Victoria air quality improves

After various efforts to improve air quality in the city of Victoria, council announced earlier this week those efforts have seen results.

S ince 1970, Victoria was placed on a list as a non-attainment area, meaning the air quality was worse than the national standard.

“Since then we’ve done some state implementations plans and some different things to get us to where we are today. We went from being a non-attainment city to being a close to non-attainment city.” says Director of Enviromental Services, Darryl Lesak.

According to a TCEQ map, multiples cities are not under state standards. However, Victoria will soon be off this list.

“We were able to prove that for the Victoria area that air was not created here, those days we broke the standards was actually transport air that came from other cities, even other states.” adds Lesak.

Steps on educating the public like when to mow your lawn, how to pump gas correctly, and most importantly the effect of idle car emissions has improved the air.

Now, city council will be drafting a bill, House Bill 1627, requesting the state legislature to remove the city from this list.

“The goal of that bill is to get Victoria off that list because we have gone so long without any non-attainment days,” he adds.

Regulations for buildings and new businesses will change, and the city is hopeful that this can be a welcoming mat for potential investors to our city.

“Businesses that look at coming to our area, do look at that list- we won’t have to duck and dodge that question, we can answer, we’re not on that list.”

Officials expect this bill to pass in the next session and have that new status soon after.