Victoria Advocate tells why they sold their building to the county

Monday the Victoria County Commissioners approved the purchase of the Victoria Advocate Building.
We spoke to the Advocate to see why the decided to sell their building.

“Every so often your business needs change and this building doesn’t exactly suit our needs now,” says Chris Cobler, Editor and Publisher.

The Victoria Advocate decided to sell the building to Victoria County to help out the Victoria County Long Term Recovery Group.

“There has been discussion the Victoria Long Term Recovery Group needed the warehouse space for what they’re doing, and we thought it was a real win for them and the county is potentially expanding. We can move to new offices that suit our purposes better,” Cobler explains.

Chris Cobler says the Advocate will be moving sometime at the end of the year but right now its business as usual.

“We’re about to finalize a deal this week with our new location and once we do that we will be announcing our new location and schedule a community party to invite everyone in to see our new spot,” tells Cobler.

Both the County and the Advocate believe this a win for both parties. “I would like to applaud the folks at the Victoria Advocate for being so patient throughout this lengthy process, but we all win with this getting done, and we are happy to see it come to a successful closure,” exclaims Ben Zeller County Judge.

“It seems like a win-win all the way around for downtown, for Victoria, and for the Advocate, ” declares Cobler.

The Advocate would like to thank the community for the support throughout the years.

“We appreciate all the business they have given us over 173 years, and we look forward to serving you for another 173,” Cobler smiles.