Vickers Elementary raised over $18.5K in annual fundraiser

Vickers has competed in this annual fundraiser for a total of 17 years
Vickers Elementary
Photo contributed by Victoria ISD.

VICTORIA, Texas – Vickers Elementary School has completed its annual competition raising money for the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Jump Rope for Heart Kids Heart Challenge. The school achieved its best year, this year, in the history of completing this challenge. It raised over $18.5K for the AHA.

Vickers has competed for a total of 17 years, so far, in this annual challenge. Out of those years, the amount raised this year was nearly three times the previous highest amount in 2003. According to a news release from VISD, the school has raised nearly $90K for the AHA over its lifetime of competing in this annual challenge. A

According to VISD, the school met many challenge milestones and exceeded throughout the duration of the challenge. The challenge began on Feb. 7 trough Feb. 21. During that time, Vickers saw:

  • 156 students participate in the challenge, up from 51 students in 2021;
  • Donations received from more than nine states other than Texas;
  • 97 students take a challenge to be kind to others;
  • 60 students take a challenge to be more active;
  • 28 students raise more than $150, up from 8 students in 2021;
  • 20 students raise more than $250, up from 4 students in 2021;
  • Seven students raise more than $500;
  • 25 students complete Finn’s Mission, including learning about CPR and warning signs of
    stroke, up from 3 students in 2021; and
  • 575 emails sent out by students spreading awareness and thanking their donors

Two students raised over $2,000 each

The news release state that of the seven students who raised over $500, two of them raised more than $2,000 each. Prior to this year, no student had ever raised more than that amount. The news release recognized Lyra Quintero, first grade, as the school’s top fundraiser. Quintero raised $2,562, claiming the honors of becoming P.E. teacher for the day. Brianna Hernandez, fifth grade, raised $2,2248.

According to VISD’s news release, Vickers holds the honor of being the top fundraising school in the Victoria/Crossroads region. It is also the third-highest fundraising school in the Corpus Christi/Victoria region.

Victoria ISD Communications contributed the above information and photo. You can read the full news release here.