VFD participate in 9/11 Tower of the Americas Memorial Climb

Firefighters from the Victoria Fire Department participated in Tuesday morning’s Tower of the Americas climb in San Antonio to honor first responders lost during the 9/11 attacks.

The sixth annual Tower of the Americas Memorial Climb was one of many 9/11 demonstrations across the nation. Hundreds of firefighters from across Texas participated, climbing one hundred and twenty flights of stairs to honor and remember the first responders’ efforts on that fateful day. Firefighter Joel Gomez says climbing the Tower of the Americas is nothing compared to the horrors those first responders faced that day.

“It’s basically our commemorative way of finishing the climb that they could not. Because, either they never reached the floor, or they were stopped by either the fire floor or they were stopped because the tower’s came down when they were still making their ascent. So, that’s what it basically means. Our way of honoring; we climb because they climbed.”

Four hundred and thirteen first responders lost their lives that day, making the memorial climb all the more special for those who participated.