VFD firefighters receive new schedule

“Sometimes you have to decompress when you have a stressful job,” Victoria Fire Department medic, Nathan Ojeda said.

Victoria Fire Department medic Nathan Ojeda believes his new schedule will help him stay stress free for work.
“Its time to decompress and shed all that stress,” Ojeda said.

Instead of working one day then being off two days, Victoria firefighters will now work two consecutive days and will be off 4 consecutive days. this change will benefit all fire fighters but especially those who commute to work.

“Well I think it will benefit them in that it gives them a little more time away from the department as they work on each shift. There are days when they really have their hands full and having a couple extra days to full recuperate and rest I think will be a huge benefit,” Victoria Fire Department Chief, Taner Drake said.

This change helps fire fighters better serve the community and the departments operations.

“The majority of the department was for it. A lot of us are excited about the new schedule. It helps us with operations. If we get something we have whole extra day to restock and get back on track,” Ojeda said.