Veterans Get The Chance To Soar Above the Clouds

For the 3rd straight year community members offer a special service for all Veterans.
This year they took it down to port Lavaca and Newscenter 25’s David Gibson went to Calhoun County and tells us all about it.

Sunday November 11th a day to honor Veterans across our country. For Lou Svetlik Veterans day means a lot to him because his dad served this country.
“I did appreciate my dad very much and he told just some of the stories of life in the military in World War II. He was a bombadeer on a B17 in World War II and served 33 missions over Germany,” adds Lou Sverlik, Pilot. Svetlik decided to follow in his dad foot steps through his love for aviation.
“He took us to many places where a lot of the World War II aircrafts were on display and that led me to have an aviation career as a mechanic and pilot,” says Svetlik. He thought what better way to give back to Veterans than given them a free experience above the clouds.
Veterans day is not only for Veterans but also the sacrifices made by their family.
“We want to give them an enjoyable experience, tells Svetlik. “Perhaps they never flown on a small airplane, we will try to give them a quality experience, in this case show them the bay area and the sights around Calhoun County.” Up up and away many veterans got the chance to soar and for some once again. I got a chance to hop on the plane with Veteran Don Hanselman and I asked him about the importance of honoring Veterans on this day.
“Its a wonderful thing for us to come out and enjoy these pilots and their aircraft to fly around and see this beautiful country by enjoying the freedom we have today and hopefully in the future,” exclaims Don Hanselman, Veteran. Every veteran has their own unique story of scarfice for our freedom.
“Its great to have our freedom and to see the American flag fly everyday,” declares Hanselman. Svetlik adds he is honored to be able to help Veterans feel special on this day.
“Its more a take away for us that the enjoyment of seeing the smiles on their faces and the enjoyment that they get. And the gratitude for their service to our country,” tells Svetlik. Happy Veterans day to all that served especially my father. Thank you for your service.