Veterans enjoy Warrior’s Weekend fishing tournament

Warrior's Weekend has been assisting combat wounded veterans with a relaxing water therapy weekend

PORT O’CONNOR, Texas– The Warrior’s Weekend fishing tournament, on August 7th in Port O’Connor, hosted purple heart veterans from all around the United States.

For 16 years, Warrior’s Weekend has been assisting combat wounded veterans with a relaxing water therapy weekend. Staff Sergeant of the U.S. Army, Shilo Harris, his wife Jamie P.K. Harris, Captain Ranier Brigham and Quail Creek Volunteer Fire Department Chief Ron Kramer made up one team

In 2007, while deployed in Iraq, Shilo and his team drove over and hit an IED, which is a dangerous home made bomb. To make matters worse, a highly explosive warhead went off in the vehicle he was in, creating a tornado of fire around him. Shilo was able to escape the flames and survive, but his body as he knew it, was unrecognizable. Shilo said he has been a part of the Warrior’s Weekend since he walked out of the hospital.

“We sacrificed a lot to make sure our country is safe, make sure our constitution is upheld. Make sure our children are going to get to enjoy those same freedoms and liberties,” says Shilo. We instill patriotism here and in events like this that’s what you see, patriotism. To experience the outdoors and see what America is all about.”

While on the water, Shilo had an amazing day. He and his wife caught eight fish, one included a redfish which was 27 inches long. He even caught an alligator gar that had to cut loose, and two sharks that got away because the lines busted. Shilo is thankful for events like these because it reminds him of why he joined the military in the first place. By the end of the tournament, Shilo and his team brought home two awards, one for most spots on a redfish, with six, and another for catching the most pounds of redfish.

Wife and caregiver to Shilo, Jamie P.K. Harris said she is proud of how far Shilo has come and her job as caregiver is to support him and push him a little further each day. She is also thankful for events like these that give veterans a break from their day to day life.

“All I can say is thank you. Thank you for the break we get from the challenges we live with. It’s about being able to sit around, talk and laugh joke and fish,” says Jamie. To those sponsors, thank you for giving us 24  to 48 hours of just living and appreciating what we go through.”

There is expected to be another fishing tournament August 20th, but that is subject to change due to COVID-19.