Veterans Day Parade celebrates Veterans Service

Its Veterans Day weekend and the Victoria County Veterans Council held their annual Veterans Day Parade.

Newscenter 25’s David Gibson attended and spoke with people about what Veterans day means to them.

Sunday November 11th marks 100 years since the signing of the armistice back in 1918 which ended World War I.
Year after Year, we celebrate those who fought for our freedoms. So i asked a few JROTC students what this day means to them, 10 decades later. “Its a time to honor our veterans and to honor those who have signed the dotted line to say that they are willing to lay down their life for our country, adds Colton Turner, AFJROTC. And those who have given their lives for our freedoms so that we can be free that we can enjoy this great nation that we live in.” “To honor and remember all the people who served this country,” says Janelle Oldfather, AFJROTC. Coming from many generations of Veterans in her family, Janelle Oldfather says veterans day holds a special place in her heart.
“It makes me really proud, because its such an honor to serve our country and the fact that i have had so many family members willing to that is really good,” exclaims Oldfather. At the annual parade their were many Veterans in attendace so i asked them how do they feel all these people came out to support them.
“Its a special feeling, that people like you and others honor us. But its just one of those things and i got a sign on my truck that says us vets stand tall for all other veterans, tells Zed Aiken, Veteran.

“It feels really great that people still remember the veterans and im real proud of that,” declares Abel Garcia, Veteran. “I hope that we always remember the Veterans because we did go and put our lives on the line and im real proud of these people for coming.” My dad and many others in my family put their lives on the line for this country and i want to say thank you.
Also to all the Veterans out there thank you for putting your life on the line.