Veterans Celebrated at Field of Honor for Warriors Weekend

Warriors weekend 2017 is kicking off to a roaring start. Hundreds of military personnel and veterans from all around the U.S. received a huge South Texas hello as they stepped off the buses.

Handshakes, hugs, and especially many sincere thank you’s, showed these warriors exactly how the people of South Texas feel about all that they do to keep our country free.
Warriors Weekend is an event where veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are recognized for the bravery they have shown in their service.
Friday is just the beginning of a long weekend filled with activities. It began with the field of honor.
This year’s field of honor contained 28 hundred flags. each one representing a military hero.
Defenders like Gary Brewer say this event gives veterans an opportunity to experience the camaraderie they felt overseas.

“Its exciting to me that a community like Victoria, Texas is saying we love our veterans. We appreciate what they sacrifice for our country and we want to show that appreciation,” says Brewer.