Verizon data of 6 million users leaked online

The fed might consider slowing down the pace of interest rate hikes and millions of Verizon customers records have been compromised.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen told lawmakers on the House Financial Services committee that the fed might consider slowing the pace of interest rate hikes if inflation remains below its target level. Yellen signaled no change in policy and indicated that the three rate hikes since December will likely be followed by one more this year but investors believe her more cautious view of a slowdown in inflation could signal that the fed might be willing to put further rate hikes on hold.

Verizon confirmed the records of 6 million customers were compromised by Nice systems, a Verizon partner that facilitates customer service calls. The records held logs from residential customers who called Verizon in the past six months. Among the information exposed were names, phone numbers and account pins – along with home and email addresses. The only one to gain access to the information, other than Verizon and its vendor, was the researcher up guard who brought the issue to Verizon’s attention.