Ventura’s Tamales to reopen dining area

After a minor delay, Ventura's will have dining in available

VICTORIA,Texas–Ventura’s Tamales known for long lines and loved by the community, delayed their date to reopen their dining room due to air conditioning issues. But don’t worry too much, because they will reopen their dining area very soon.

With restaurants all around Texas now allowing guests to dine in, things seem to start looking normal, at least a new normal.

One of the restaurants that the Victoria community is waiting for to reopen is Ventura’s Tamales, a local favorite that’s been serving the Victoria community since 1985.

Martha Vasquez, co-owner of the Mexican restaurant, planned to reopen like other restaurants in the community, however their air conditioner in the dining room broke and had to be replaced so they pushed back the date to this week, on Tuesday.

“We are excited you know, our customers are like our family you know they are concerned for us. They supported us during these months that we’ve been reduced to just the drive thru and the curbside,” said Vasquez.

Like other businesses reopening in the COVID-age, Ventura’s will have to follow all CDC guidelines. They have distanced the seats in the dining area and employees will wear masks, along with adding extra sanitizing measures.

“We’ve added a sink outside our restrooms, that it’s just a hand washing station for our customers and for our employees that’s more accessible,” continued Vasquez.

Customers will enter from the front door and exit through the side door. The front parking spaces are going to be saved for curbside pickup, depending on customer demand.