Vela Farms moves to new location on Main Street

VICTORIA, Texas — The novel coronavirus has presented myriad challenges to small business owners across the country, but in Victoria one prominent business has been navigating the logistics of moving on top of it all.

“That’s probably been the most challenging — just, being nimble on our feet and changing as the environment needed us to change,” said Sara Vela, owner of local food store and bakery Vela Farms.

Vela has operated Vela Farms in downtown Victoria since 2012. In this her third move since opening, the business owner said it was a decision borne out of necessity.

“Our catering has grown, we have a huge, loyal following, and we just needed more space,” said Vela.

The business’ new space at 221 S. Main Street comes with added space for a full-service bakery, a freezer full of grab-and-go options and a separate area — still in construction — for gift items and casual lounging. While Vela feels fortunate not to have resorted to layoffs, she admits it’s been a challenging few months.

“We lost 100% of our catering in two days, and that’s a huge portion of our business,” said Vela. “But I always feel like if there is — if something is changing then there’s an opportunity to figure it out and let’s press on.”

Vela Farms’ updated hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.