VCSO warns community of phone scam impersonating a deputy

The Victoria County Sheriff’s Office warns the community of a recent phone scam.

Scammers are calling Victoria residents and pretending to be a deputy from the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office. The caller says that the person being called failed to show up for a court summons, and that the Sheriff has no choice but to take action per the Judge.

This is false.

These people are attempting to steal your money.

The Sheriff’s Office does not conduct business this way. The thieves have set up a voicemail that sounds official, however, it is not They are telling people that they will be arrested unless they get a gift card to pay the fine over the phone.

The number being used in recent calls is 361-589-9977. This is not a VCSO contact number.

If you receive this call, please hang up on the caller. This is a scam. The Victoria County Sheriff’s Office will never call and ask for a payment of any kind.