VCSO Racial Profiling Report: Less Hispanic Drivers Stopped on Roadways

“I personally experienced that type of experience in Corpus Christi but it was a long time ago when i was young doing crazy stuff,” Victoria resident, Perfecto Sauceda said.

Victoria resident Perfecto Sauceda is talking about being racially profiled in Corpus Christi several years ago but never here in Victoria.

“I think one of the keys to that is following the law abiding by what you know is right and wrong,” Sauceda said.

The Victoria County Sheriff’s Office released their 2016 racial profiling report at Monday’s commissioners meeting.

“What has been trending over the last two years is the number of stops of Hispanic motorists has decreased from a total of 37 % of our stops down to 25 % of the stops made by deputies on the highways,” Chief Deputy, Roy Boyd said.

Out of nearly 4,000 traffic stops deputies knew the drivers race in only 80 of those stops.

“Due to the tenting on vehicles and the speed of which they are driving down the highways and some of the back roads deputies typically do not know the race of the motorists until after they’ve walked up to the vehicle and made contact. The deputies are out there looking for violations that’s what we enforce. We enforce the laws. There’s no other motive or any other pretext for any kind of stop,” Boyd said.