VCSO Busts 116 Pounds of Marijuana

“We would like to be drug free but this is not a perfect world,” Castillo said.

The Victoria County Sheriff’s Office took another step towards making their drug free dreams a reality by arresting 27 year old Noy Reyes while he was transporting 116 pounds of Marijuana on Highway 59 north. Sheriff’s deputies say Victoria is in the middle of a major drug corridor.

“Most of the drugs come from Mexico and Houston is a hub city,” Castillo said.

The traffic stop happened at 9:30 Friday morning when Sheriff Deputy Ernest Castillo Jr noticed the truck being driven by Reyes drifting onto the shoulder.

“I spoke to the driver on the passenger side and I asked him for his driver’s license and insurance and he appeared to be nervous he was shaking a little bit,” Castillo said.

This is the biggest bust the Sheriff’s office has made in months, even while Reyes attempted to fool authorities by driving a clone vehicle and impersonating a worker with Patterson-UTI Drilling Company.

We spoke with Patterson UTI and they commented saying, “”While we congratulate the Victoria Sherriff’s department on their excellent detective work, we want to be sure the community understands that the criminals copied our logo onto their truck to make them look legitimate and to blend into the community. In no way whatsoever was any company vehicle or any Patterson-UTI employee involved.”

Patterson-UTI confirmed to us that their logo was copied and used without their consent.

“The criminals copied the logo of a local business on the truck used to transport the drugs to better blend in with the community. That business and its employees were not involved in the crime.”