VCSO and VPD seize 12 pounds of synthetic marijuana

Victoria deputies found 12 pounds of synthetic marijuana during a drug bust Wednesday around 10:35 p.m.

Victoria deputies stopped a car involved in an ongoing drug trafficking investigation on Highway 59 near Beck Road.

Daniel King, 37 and Christian Castillo, 25, of Victoria had 12 pounds of synthetic marijuana worth $40,000 in their car.

“We were able to get this before it arrived to Victoria and get the synthetic marijuana off the streets. This stuff is extremely harmful. It’s sprayed with anything from Raid to Fentanyl and any of the ingredients put in it can be extremely dangerous. We’ve have individuals who have been on synthetic marijuana come into the jail and have taken as long as 9 months to become mentally stable as a result of the synthetic marijuana they smoked,” Victoria County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy, Roy Boyd said.

King and Castillo were arrested for manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance

This was a joint effort with Victoria Police Department investigating a drug trafficking organization operating in and around Victoria.