VC’s latest intramural sport attracting students

If you’re a Harry Potter fan you may be familiar with the magical sport of quidditch. If you’re a Victoria College student you can join the schools quidditch team.
Victoria College now offers quidditch as an intramural sport for the spring 2017 semester. all students are welcome to join the team. The quidditch team practices every Tuesday and Saturday. The team plans to hold more scrimmages throughout the semester.

“There’s the exercise first of all. Its really great exercise. I hate the gym. I hate going to the gym and standing there and staring at walls and lifting heavy equipment and running. I need to be active physically and mentally so that’s why i play quidditch,” VC Quidditch player, Alejo Enriquez said.

Victoria College students can contact Alejandro Enriquez at for information on how to participate in the sport.