VC student overcomes tragedy to get education back on track

Sarah Migl’s face was beaming on July 8 as she posed for photographs in cap and gown with her GED diploma. Her smile was seven years in the making.

Migl, 25, was one of 21 Victoria College Adult Education students honored at the Leo J. Welder Center for the Performing Arts. The Cuero resident was chosen by VC Adult Education Administrative Assistant Debbie Kasper to tell her story of getting her education and life back on track.

Migl dropped out Yorktown High School when she became pregnant at the age of 18.

“Almost everyone was disappointed in me,” Migl said. “But as the time came closer for me to have my baby, my family came to accept the fact that I was going to become a mother.”

Shortly after going into labor at the hospital, Migl learned her baby was in fetal distress.

“The nurses rushed me into the operating room,” Migl said. “They told me my baby’s heart rate was dropping. They had no choice but to do a C-section. Finally, my baby girl was out, but she was not making a sound. I remember asking them why she wasn’t crying and no one would give me answer. I will never forget the looks on the nurses’ faces. My precious baby girl had passed away.”

Migl battled a variety of emotions after losing her child.

“Going back to school was very difficult for me,” Migl said. “My counselor told me I would not have enough credits to graduate and I would have to go to summer school. I was told I couldn’t walk the stage with my graduating class. That made me very upset. I told them I wasn’t going to do it, and I dropped out again. I have regretted that decision every day.”

Migl moved in with her boyfriend and said their relationship soon became abusive. In 2012, Migl gave birth to a daughter, Trinity. Months later, Migl enrolled in VC’s Adult Education program to pursue her GED.

“I remember feeling so proud of myself,” Migl said.

But Migl said her boyfriend forced her to quit school and go to work full time.

“When she stopped coming, she was contacted several times, but we were unable to get a response from her,” Kasper said.

“I wound up becoming a very angry person,” Migl said. “I was disrespectful to anyone and everyone who would speak to me and ask me what was wrong.”

Migl’s life took another drastic turn when she was incarcerated for three months after being charged with providing false information to law enforcement.

“That was a big eye-opener for me,” Migl said.

Soon after being released, Migl ended the relationship with her boyfriend and began concentrating again on obtaining her GED.

“When she came back into the program this year, I could see her determination and how she had matured,” Kasper said. “I realized this time was going to be the time she succeeded in her goals and got the education she has wanted for a long time.”

Migl, who gave birth to a second daughter, Seriah, in 2016, said she wants to take courses to become a medical assistant and later pursue RN certification.

“I don’t want anyone to stop me now,” Migl said. “I just want to keep going. Now that I have this dream in the grasp of my hands, I can finally make it come true.”

Adult Basic Education courses at Victoria College cover basic academic subjects to help adult students improve their skills in preparation to take the GED and reach a college-ready level. Obtaining a GED and enhancing basic skills help ensure working adults are able to remain in the workforce and improve individual earning potential. There is a distance learning option which allows students to complete coursework using the Internet from home on their own time or working out of paper-based products.

Services are also offered at satellite locations, including Cuero, Edna, Ganado, Goliad, Gonzales, Hallettsville, Port Lavaca, Yoakum and Yorktown.

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