VC Gonzales Center students construct bus shelters for Gonzales ISD students

About five years ago, the Gonzales Noon Lions Club began a project to construct school bus shelters for Gonzales ISD students.

“It proved to be a little tougher than we thought,” Gonzales Noon Lions Club President Kris McLain said. “We had a couple of welders in our group, but that was about it.”

Last year, McLain contacted Victoria College’s Gonzales Center to see if any welding students would be available to assist in the project.

“I talked with the welding instructor, Michael Wilson, and he said, ‘We have some great welders and we’re going to get this done,’ ” McLain said.

Wilson and several students began constructing the frames for four 64-square-foot and two 128-square-foot shelters. They recently completed the frames, and the shelters are expected to be placed this upcoming school year.

Wilson and some of his students were honored for their work with a plaque of appreciation from the Noon Lions Club during the Gonzales Center’s 10 th anniversary celebration on June 13.

“It was a lot of fun, and the students enjoyed it because it gave them a break from the normal class,” Wilson said. “It also gave them more experience as far as fitting and fabrication.”

The students constructed six shelter frames in all. Gonzales ISD hopes to place the shelters for use to protect Gonzales ISD students from rain and other harsh elements this upcoming school year.

VC Gonzales Center students involved in the project were Raymond Schneider, Jason Obelgoner, Jeffrey Townsend, Israel Hernandez, James McElroy, Eric Greer, Rodolfo Hernandez, Augustine Martinez, Nathaniel Montgomery, Greg Constancio, Damian Ramirez, Erik Lopez, Sergio Mendez, Joseph Perez and Lucas Hill.

“Gonzales ISD is so excited and thankful to have the collaborative support of the Gonzales Noon Lion’s and volunteers from the City of Gonzales and Victoria College in completing the construction of rain shelters for our community students,” said Gonzales ISD Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Strozier.

“Thank you to our local Noon Lion’s Club, the City of Gonzales and Victoria College for pulling together to complete the construction. This support in keeping students dry while waiting on the school bus during rainy days is awesome.”

“It is a privilege to help out the community any way we can,” Wilson said.

For information on welding courses at VC’s Gonzales Center or at VC’s Main Campus, call (361) 582-3291.