VC All-Star Volleyball Practice

Top Stars Get Ready For Big Game

A star-studded volleyball practice Monday afternoon at the Victoria College Sports Center.
That’s when and where many of the area’s top high school volleyball seniors were practicing for tonight’s 11th annual Victoria College Chick-Fil-A All-Star volleyball game at VC’s Sports Center. Among the area players I talked to there, Kylann Griffith, state player of the year, who helped lead Industrial to its first state title. St. Joe senior Savannah Wharton was there, and from West’s district champs, Kia Willborn, Toni Ramirez and Piper Kallman. Here’s some of what those All-Stars had to say to me.

Said Griffith, “It’s just so awesome. I’m so blessed to be able to say that I got this. “

Said Ramirez, “It feels amazing and unreal. I watched one of my former friends play here. I didn’t think I’d get here today. I’m very thankful for where I am today. “

Said Kallman, “It’s exciting because it’s a surprise. I get to play another game after my high school career. It’s fun to get to play with a bunch of talented girls again.”