Valentine’s Day is the second-most popular day to pop the question

Are you ready to pick out the ideal engagement ring for that special someone?

VICTORIA, Texas – Valentine’s Day – a holiday that’s all about love – is the second-most popular day to get engaged.

And we must admit – receiving a ring sure beats a box of chocolates or bouquet of red roses doesn’t it? We stopped by regal jewelers to see what they have in stock.

“We have pears, princesses, rounds, radiants,” said Hailie Meeks, a luxury saleswoman at Regal Jewelers located inside the Victoria Mall. “You should know then four Cs of diamonds: Color, clarity, cut and carats… (The price) starts at around $400 to $500 and goes up to however much you want to spend depending on the clarity and color of the diamond… We have our chocolate diamonds which are obviously significant for Valentine’s Day because they are chocolate.”

So if you’re thinking about “putting a ring on it” on Valentine’s Day – you may want to stop by the Victoria Mall to check out your options.