Vaccine Day in DeWitt County all morning Thursday

CUERO, Texas – In DeWitt County at the Old Cuero Intermediate School, located at 502 Park Heights Drive, Cuero, TX 77954, at 9 a.m., 10 a.m., and 11 a.m. Thursday residents will be able to get vaccinated as part of a region-wide vaccine day.

The marketing director for the hospital, Emily Weatherly said it is important to remember to mask up even after you get vaccinated.

“It certainly depends on the situation but the way I look at it is if people are present, the mask is present, even if I’m vaccinated.”

For those that are hesitant about getting vaccinated, Weatherly said those questions can be sent to the hospital.

“We do encourage you if you are on the fence on getting your vaccine,” Weatherly said. “Talk to your medical provider, get your questions answered and get the facts, it’s so important to get the facts.”

Weatherly said if anything, get vaccinated to protect the young people in your lives – the children who remain ineligible for vaccination at this point.

“That’s exactly why I got my Moderna, my 2-dose and I’ve been very blessed with good health,” Weatherly said. “I was very lucky I did not get COVID but I still wanted to get the vaccine and was one of the first ones at the hospital to get it and I’m very proud of that fact. It’s definitely something that gives me a lot more comfort, I still wear my mask at H-E-B and everywhere I go because I know I’m not 100 percent protected and I want to do the next right thing, and that’s what we want to encourage you to do the next right thing if it’s not getting the vaccine, we understand but continue following those safe practices, continue to follow them, wash your hands and wear your mask.”

Last night, President Joe Biden made a milestone vaccination announcement.

“Tomorrow, we’ll cross 250 million vaccine shots administered since I took office, I think it’s a pretty consequential achievement for the nation,” Biden said.

In DeWitt County, there are eligible residents yet to be vaccinated. As of Wednesday evening, 30.3% of eligible residents are fully vaccinated.

If you have questions or need to cancel your appointment, please email