Vacation cut short for beachgoers as they prepare for Tropical Storm Hanna

PORT LAVACA, Texas– Tropical storm Hanna is heading towards South Texas. Magnolia Beach waves have become pretty aggressive due to tropical storm Hanna which is expected to make landfall Saturday morning. We spoke with some people in the community to see how they are preparing for the storm.

“We’re just going to make sure that we are safe inside the beach house and we won’t go out probably. We might get out to drive. We’re going to have to keep aware of it through our family and friends that are watching out for us too,” said Valerie Remschel, vacationers from Fredericksburg.

Tropical storm Hanna is headed towards Texas with a potential of dangerous rainfall and possible flooding. The community hasn’t experienced any tropical cyclones since Hurricane Harvey. Remschel says they will protect their beach house.

“We’ll just make sure that the windows are battened down and make sure that we are safe and in communication with our family still,” said Valerie Remschel.

Currently, wind gust could possibly reach up to 55 miles per hour. This could potentially cause damages to several homes. Remschel says she has stocked up on the necessary necessities.

“A ton of food and a ton of water, so we are good as far as food and water. We always have a lot of food here,” said Remschel.

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