V.I.S.D. begins remote classes Monday


VICTORIA, Texas–In the year 2020 with technology being the most sufficient in years, the use of it becomes a vital tool in days like these. Since schools have been shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students will not have classes the traditional way.

Saturdays press briefing included Dr. Quintin Shepherd superintendent of the V.I.S.D. who discussed the fact that students would return to school Monday March 30th, however they will be working from their homes via internet.

“At this time we’ll be distributing between 2000 ad 2500 devices and around a 1000 hot spots to our students were also working to distribute hot spot to our staff members who have with or staff members who have no internet access at home,” said Shepherd.

Just like at school these student devices will be pre-loaded with the necessary learning tools with an internet filter installed on them to help protect the students while they are on them.

“We ask for your patience as we make this transition. Our learning environment are this new remote from and administrators teachers and students are all learning to use the technology and communications in ways we have not experienced before,” continued Shepherd.

Since students and teachers are learning a new software, all students will have the first 2 weeks to complete the first week of assignments.

Students were provided a packet of information for learning this week.  Included in the packet was information on teacher and campus contact as well as communication tools that will be used by the teachers.

One item still unclear is May graduation.  Dr. Shepherd is asking seniors for their ideas.