V.I.S.D. virtual graduations

Friday night Victoria West High School celebrated their graduation virtually. Although it was different from a traditional graduation, seniors were filled with great pride.

West warriors valedictorian Julia Clark, shared her message for her class on overcoming these obstacles and congratulating her class for accomplishing their senior, year despite the setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Governor Greg Abbott spoke to the all the graduating classes of 2020.

“Listen I am so proud of the class of 2020 for what you have accomplished and for this special night to honor all that you’ve done and understand This I know this is not the way you wanted your graduation to turn it out but more importantly as you go through life the most important thing that you could know is your life is defined not by the challenges  you face but by how you respond to those challenges,” said Governor Abbott.

Saturday night the Victoria East High School will have their virtual graduation. Titans senior Leilani Wimbish-Gay is looking forward to her graduation, even though it wasn’t the way she would have liked to have. She will watch it with her parents, three of her sisters and grandma.

“We have to do what we have to do because COVID is really bad and I don’t want to risk other people. It’s life, I mean we’re doing what we have to do in order for us to have a good graduation,” said Wimbish-Gay.

Liberty Academy will hold their virtual graduation Saturday night as well with their seniors also watching with their loved ones from their home.