V.I.S.D. School Board explained its plans for the 2020-2021 property tax rate

Board members looking at $1.18 rate

VICTORIA, Texas– Victoria I.S.D. discussed property tax rate for the 2020 and 2021 school year at the school board meeting. Inside the V.I.S.D. School Board meeting, they explained the proposed property tax rates for 2020 and 2021.

“There are two portions that make up the total school district tax rate. There’s the maintenance and operations, and interest and sinking. Which goes to pay for debt services. So the maintenance and operations,” Shawna Currie, V.I.S.D. Director of Communications.

The example of a property tax bill from 2017, shows that there are several entities that set a tax rate on the bill but the Central Appraisal District determines if the property value will be raised, lower, or stay the same. Currie explained the option V.I.S.D. board members are considering adopting.

“What the board decided to do at the meeting last night was to go with, it can be called the golden penny option or called the “Stan Pat Option.” I think that’s what they referred to it as at the meeting last night,” said Currie.

Currie says this option would increase the maintenance and operations slightly and leave the interest and sinking the same.

“There is an increase in the state-mandated maintenance and operation portion of the tax rate but overall the tax rate is lower,” says Currie.

The current overall tax rate is $1.19 and the board is proposing a $1.18 rate.