V.I.S.D. launches Let’s Talk

V.I.S.D. launches Let's Talk

V.I.S.D. launches Let’s Talk on their website.

VICTORIA, Texas – Are you looking for an easy way to submit questions, comments and other feedback to Victoria I.S.D.? Well, V.I.S.D. has recently launched a new Let’s Talk chat box feature on its website that provides a timely response to all questions or concerns.

When using Let’s Talk, you can submit messages to your selected area of interest. The messages are then sent to an email of the appropriate department. Finally, the messages are viewed and a timely response is sent back to you. The chat box, which is available 24/7, is available on the district’s homepage and campus websites.

“VISD is committed to providing an online environment where it is easy for anyone to get the right information from the right department,” said Ashley Scott, executive director of communications and public relations. “For us, that means ensuring that parents/guardians and stakeholders reach the right person the first time and receive the right information promptly, and Let’s Talk is going to help us do just that.”

To receive a response, you must provide some form of contact information. If you are uncomfortable sharing your contact information, you can submit a message anonymously.

Additionally, you can submit questions regarding bus routes, school times, after-school programs and more. You will also have the opportunity to submit feedback on how the district is doing or suggestions on how they can improve. If necessary, bullying, harassment or any other safety issues can be reported using the chat box, as well.

For more information about Let’s Talk, you can visit https://www.k12insight.com/lets-talk/.