V.I.S.D. hosts community forum for upcoming voter approval tax rate election and bond election

There are four community elections under consideration, two coming with no tax rate increase, and three bond propositions under consideration

VICTORIA, Texas – V.I.S.D. held a community forum to engage with members of the community on the upcoming voter approval tax rate and bond election.

Tonight’s meeting was held at the UHV campus with V.I.S.D. Superintendent Quinten Shepherd, Deputy Superintendent Greg Bonewald, and V.I.S.D. School Board President Mike Mercer there to explain the voter-approved tax rate election and bond elections and to take questions from community members. Superintendent Shepherd says that with less than a month away from the November 2 election, he’s trying to answer all of the public’s questions regarding the election and bond proposals.

“At this point with a month to go, I think the biggest hurdle is making sure we’re getting information into the community in the way that the community wants to hear it. So for instance events like this are great because some people want to come to events like this; others don’t want to. We use Facebook, we use Twitter, we use social media trying to hit as many platforms so that everybody has an opportunity to hear,” says Superintendent Shepherd. He also encourages anyone that has questions about the propositions to reach out to the school district via email at bond@visd.net.

The four community elections under consideration are as follows:

  • Proposition “A”: 3-cent VATRE (voter approval tax rate election) this would raise staff pay to more competitive rates.
  • Proposition “A”: Facility bond election, district-wide priority repairs.
    • If approved, these two “A” propositions would result in no total tax rate increase
    • There are two separate proposition “A”s
  • Proposition “B”: Facility bond election, new Stroman Middle School
  • Proposition “C”: Facility bond election, New Mission Valley Elementary School

The total maximum tax impact per household if all propositions were to pass would approximately be, per every $100,000 home in Victoria, $86.50 a year, or $7.21 a month. This bond will not increase taxes for residents 65 years of age or older who have filed their Homestead Exemption.

Screenshot 2021 10 05 211711

Infographic from V.I.S.D. explaining the VATRE and bond election

Click here to learn more about the VATRE and here to learn about the proposed bonds. For frequently-asked-questions about the propositions click here.

Election day is November 2 and early voting is October 18 to October 19.