V.I.S.D. Education Foundation provides over $40,000 in scholarship funding

VICTORIA, Texas—–The V.I.S.D Education Foundation was established back in 2009. The goal is to pour back into teachers and students in the School District.

Yes, our primary mission is to distribute resources to Victoria ISD, that enriches teaching that inspires learning and enhance opportunities for students to become contributing members of society. We do that through three primary ways,” said Robin Harkey, the Executive Director at V.I.S.D. Education Foundation.

The first way that the Foundation distributes resources is through the Grants For Greater Ideas Program. It’s designed for educators in the V.I.S.D. school district. Next the V.I.S.D. Education Foundation provides over $40,000 in scholarship funding for students at Victoria East & West. Lastly, graduating seniors are provided scholarships through an additional program.

“We have also pivoted this year because of COVID. We have changed the way we do things for the Foundation. So if you have not seen, we actually helped with the remote learning process. We did a device drive, and a computer laptop drive,” said Harkey.

The laptop drive was a way to collect used laptops for students. The foundation was also able to purchase additional devices to facilitate remote learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“We also opened up a new grant competition, a Micro-Grant competition. So basically we gave smaller grants for the basic needs during COVID-19 for our teachers, and we also started a Stars Program, which is a Staff and Teacher of the Month Program to try to encourage the staff and educators especially right now because we’re so incredibly tired,” said Harkey.

Harkey says the COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a huge financial impact on the organization. The foundation’s primary mission is to raise money and to use those funds to support the V.I.S.D School District.

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