V.I.S.D. at risk of losing Title 1, Part A designations

The 2022-23 school year is at risk of losing the school-wide assistance

VICTORIA, Texas – Victoria I.S.D. campuses are at risk of losing school-wide Title 1, Part A designations for the 2022-23 school year. V.I.S.D. needs parents and guardians to complete the Household Income Survey or the Free/Reduced Lunch Application in order to achieve the threshold required for funding.

The Household Income Survey is for elementary and Liberty students, while the Free/Reduced Meal application is for middle and high school students. They both identify students in need of nutritional services. They also qualify the district’s campuses for additional Title 1, Part A supplemental funding.

The elementary campuses are on their second year for completing the Household Income Survey. Over the past four years, Victoria I.S.D. averaged 7,350 applications submitted by families. V.I.S.D. also received only 900 applications and surveys for the 2021-22 school year. This year’s data determines next year’s funding and Title 1, Part A programming.

Over 40% of enrolled students are identified as eligible for free and reduced meal. Consequently, all elementary campuses are currently designated school-wide Title 1, Part A. The program’s flexibility on campuses allows students to be served. On the other hand, when a school is unable to maintain the 40% threshold but is above 35%, the campus moves to Targeted Assistance.

V.I.S.D. at risk of losing Title 1, Part A designations – Targeted Assistance

Targeted Assistance status means campuses can only serve students identified as needing academic support. Campuses that have less than 35% of free/reduced applicants will lose all Title 1 supplemental funding.

Over the last five years, Title 1, Part A funding has totaled $18,652,511. If V.I.S.D. campuses lose Title 1, Part A funding, campus supplemental funding for Title 1 will effect the following:

  • staff,
  • student programs,
  • technology,
  • teacher training,
  • parent and family involvement activities, and
  • instructional materials

Victoria I.S.D. can retain their federal funding if families submit the Household Income Survey and/or the Free/Reduced Lunch Application before Sept. 30.

You can complete surveys and applications online at the links below:

If you are unable to complete the surveys and applications online, you can request a paper copy from the school office.

You can find more news and updates on Victoria I.S.D. by checking out their Facebook page. You can also visit V.I.S.D.’s website for more information.