Uvalde pastor recalls day of tragedy

"God will always be with you even in the difficult times, and let them know that what the enemy brought for destruction God brings it to back for his glory," says Pastor Limones.

UVALDE, Texas – Gilbert Limones is a pastor who was working at the funeral home right next to Robb Elementary when he and his coworkers heard something outside they went to check it out, this was at around 11:28 am the morning of the shooting at Robb Elementary School.

“The officer manager actually heard a loud bang, and she yelled out, ‘call 911, there’s been an accident outside'”, says Limones.

As Limones and a coworker went to check on the crash they soon realized something was off.

“As I’m walking across the street I heard someone yell out, ‘hey watch out he’s got a gun’, I’m like gun? What gun are you talking about, I couldn’t see a gun,” says Limones.

It was then that shots were fired at Limones and his coworker.

“The actual person just kept looking and staring at me in my eyes and he just grabbed what I thought was a pole and he just raised it and aimed it towards us like in this sense, and that’s when I realized that it was an actual gun that he had in his hand. At that point I just duck my head and I started screaming and as I was screaming I’m running and my coworker he fell to the ground but you can hear just bullets grazing us and you just hear them, very loud, very clear,” says Limones.

Limones said he alerted authorities of what happened early on.

“I called 911 actually right when the accident had happened to let them know that an accident had just happened they hung up on me basically because after I had reported the incident and then I had to call him right back, well right away to let them know that ‘hey we just got shot at and to please hurry because the shooter was going to the choice to the school’,” says Limones.

Despite alerting police before the shooter even entered the school, it still took over an hour for authorities to actually engage the shooter. A Texas House Committee’s report on the shooting said that authorities “failed to prioritize saving the lives of innocent victims over their own safety,”.

Limones, in the midst of all the chaos and what he described as a war zone, did his best to calm the students down.

“I spoke up really loud and in a loud voice and said hey if you can hear my voice clap once and then they would clap, and if you can hear my voice again clap twice and they would clap twice, I said okay I need you to bring it down and I told everyone who I was, that I was a pastor, and well that I wanted to pray for them and so that we needed to bring you know, the Peace of God over them,” says Limones.

Limones leaning on the Bible in times of tragedy and extreme grief like these.

“We know the Bible just tells us in the Book of Matthew, ‘blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted’. Even the time where they’re mourning that we have to understand God is there with them and God will always be with you even in the difficult times you know, and let them know that what the enemy brought for destruction God brings it back to his for his glory, and God has it all in his hands and he has you in his family and his hands as well and he sees what you’re going through, he sees your pain, he sees your sorrow, and he sees the emptiness that your’re feeling,” says Limones.

These interviews are a part of a Charlie Minn documentary, ‘Robb-Ed’, that 25 News Now assisted with the filming of.

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