UPDATE: Victoria County Sheriff’s Office seizes more than $44,000 at illegal gambling facility

Authorities alse seized several cell phones and a computer


Photos from search warrant August 10, 2022

VICTORIA COUNTY, Texas – On August 10, 2002 Victoria County Sheriff’s deputies responded to 8741 U.S. Hwy 59 S. to investigate reports of a fight. A search warrant shows an employee at the illegal gambling establishment pulled out a firearm. That person is a felon and on parole.

The search warrant shows when law enforcement officers entered the building several people were sitting in front of gambling machines. Several people there that day admitted to being paid cash and gift cards, according to the search warrant. An anonymous source reported prostitution and drug activity at the facility as well. That anonymous source reported being paid out more than $500 cash August 10, 2022.


8741 U.S. Hwy 59 S.

The warrant names Arianna Salinas, 22, as an employee at the facility. Victoria County records show Salinas was arrested. She bonded out the next day. State jail records show she was also arrested in early June in Bee County.

Authorities seized $1,650 from an individual at the facility, $309 from a different person at the facility, five money safe boxes with $7,500.00 each, $600 from a third person at the facility and $4,015 in other cash. Click here to read ‘Victoria County officials investigate possible illegal game room operation’.


Photos from search warrant August 10, 2022