UPDATE: Varela Jr. sentenced to 99 years in prison

Family claims they will file an appeal after hearing his sentence determination.

Varela Jr. Mug Shot

VICTORIA, Texas – On Friday, Dec. 3, Christopher Varela Jr. was on trial for two charges. The first charge for murdering Melvin Louis Fabian and the second charge for tampering with evidence. Varela junior is sentenced for 99 years in prison for committing a first degree felony. During the closing statement, the defendant’s attorney plead for the jury to consider Varela Jr.’s previous medical history. According to Varela’s parents, he suffered a concussion when he played football in high school. When his father Christopher Varela senior took the stand and was asked about this incident, he claimed Varela Jr. was more social before he suffered a concussion and then become more reserved afterwards.

Before receiving the sentence, Varela Junior’s mother Gabriela Varela admitted on the stand that she just wanted her son to get examined by a medical professional, due to the ongoing seizures he experiences. His mother claimed that sometimes he wakes up on the floor from this symptomatic occurrence. After the trial ended, Verela Junior’s family plans to file an appeal against his sentence.