Update: Top Victoria County admin announces retirement

Update 2/4/19:

After 24 years, top Victoria County admin Joyce Dean will retire from her post.

Dean announced her retirement plans to County Judge Ben Zeller last Friday.

County Commissioners expressed their gratitude towards Dean Monday morning, each sharing kind words for Dean’s work and efforts she gave the county for nearly a quarter century.

Zeller could not thank dean enough for serving her county.

“What I’ve seen is a very competent and dedicated director who took her job seriously. Always worked hard to do the best she could and we saw the successes of that. So, I really appreciate having had a chance to work with her and wish her all the best.”

Dean’s retirement comes on the heels of her recent arrest for theft, however those charges were dropped.

The county will work with Dean to ensure a smooth transition before her final day on February 28th.

Update 1/10/18:

The Victoria County Sheriff’s Office has returned the property of a top Victoria County Admin who was previously accused of theft.

The Sheriff’s Office arrested Joyce Dean, the county’s top administrator, on December 21st for theft of property and seized her iPhone, iPad and computers belonging to the county.

Dean’s charges were later dismissed by a San Antonio judge due to a misrepresentation of facts by the Sheriff’s office.

Her property was returned early Thursday morning following a motions hearing, nearly two weeks after a judge ordered the Sheriff’s Office to return her property.

County Judge Ben Zeller has confirmed the county has also had their property returned by the sheriff’s office.

Update 12/28/18:

Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller confirmed a judge has ruled Joyce Dean’s arrest for theft of government property is invalid and has been thrown out.

Dean, the county’s Director of Admin Services, was arrested on December 19th for allegedly stealing rock sheet and falsifying a time card back in 2010.

The judge ruled the statue of limitation had expired on the alleged theft and information provided by the sheriff’s office was incorrect or misrepresented, leading to this decision. County Judge Zeller says the ruling is a significant one.

“Judge’s ruling today was significant. Essentially saying, there was no legal.. there was no factual basis for all this. And so, that’s been completely undone and tossed out. Given the development of today, our internal review is likely gonna be a short one that should be wrapped up soon.”

Zeller also revealed District Attorney Stephen Tyler has plans to file charges on the investigator in charge of Dean’s case for official suppression.

We reached out to Tyler’s office for a comment on the possible charges but have not received a response at this time.

UPDATE 9:44 p.m. 12/20/18

New information from District Attorney Steven Tyler’s office reveals that his office is not prosecuting Dean because the statue of limitations ran out of four cases filed with the DA’s office.

Her most recent charge of thef t was for a partial sheet of sheet rock and floating mud.

A charge of Abuse of Official Capacity was for influence and a charge of Tampering with Government was for tampering with time sheets.

Tyler’s office goes on to say the lack of detailed evidence prevented a successful prosecution.

Information from the DA’s office also details in the warrant filed to the judge indicated the case was closed by “Company F of the Texas Rangers and had been declined because of this legal bar to prosecution and insufficiency of credible evidence.”

Tyler’s office goes on by saying if they were made aware of this issue it could have been fixed.

Moreover, the DA’s office says “a rash decision has now exposed our county to possible suit in Federal court under Title 42 U.S. Code § 1983 for Deprivation of Civil Rights and a possible criminal action for Official oppression under the Texas Penal Code §39.03(a)(1). “


A Victoria County administrator was arrested Wednesday afternoon by the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office.

Joyce Dean is charged with Theft by a Public Servant between the amounts of $100 and $750, a Class B Misdemeanor.

VCSO arrested Dean in her office at the Victoria County Courthouse and taken to the Victoria County Jail for processing.

Dean is the appointed director of administrative services for Victoria County

This isn’t the first time Dean has been in trouble, last year a family attorney accused her of abuse of power to influence a district attorney.

She was released the same day on $1,000 bond.