Update: Search for Suzie Escobedo temporarily suspended

Update: Texas Equusearch announced they have officially suspended the search for Suzie Escobedo. In a statement on their Facebook page dated 8/18, Texas Equusearch said: “The search for Suzanna Escobedo has been temporarily suspended pending further information. We will update this post again soon.”

This is a developing story. We will update this story as more information is made available.

Texas Equusearch continues its search alongside law enforcement to locate Suzie Escobedo. Thursday, volunteers were not out searching as only Texas Equusearch members, law enforcement and detectives were out and regrouping. Tim Miller, director of Equusearch says they all held a meeting to look into new plans, and possibly map out future search areas. The first days of the search focused around Suzie’s trailer home, the place she was last seen. The search began with a three mile radius around that area. Miller explained that willing volunteers will be asked to come back out to help search as soon as planning is complete.

Family and friends are still hopeful to bring Suzie back home safely.